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Alessandro will be part of the ideal band composed by the 6 best musician children of the world, according to the sites: Station and

Alessandro Danello is 16 years old and is already considered a young prodigy of music thanks to his talent when interpreting the saxophone. Its wide repertoire ranges from the interpretation of romantic, urban, pop and electronic music.

Alessandro Danello has captivated all audiences nationally and internationally, conquering venues such as Long Beach Permorming Arts Center in Los Angeles, Great Boys Mexico, La Voz Kids Colombia, among others.

This young Colombian has already figured in the list of the 50 most famous artists in smoth jazz stations worldwide and now shows his facet as a singer where he combines his voice with his instrument generating new proposals of urban and pop music.

This year the artist continues with his show "Saxotón, the revolution of the sounds", a party of youthful cut, that presents / displays diverse surprises throughout the presentation and shows its talent in dance, song and interpretation of the saxophone.  

With his Saxotón, Alessandro Danello, in addition to showing his talent in several international squares, he also has a big school tour to share his music with the young people.

"The idea with this event is that young people of different ages enjoy a show in which the sound of urban and electronic music, combined with the elegance of the saxophone sound, providing a space in which they can enjoy music soundly. and the freedom to express oneself, "says the artist.

Alessandro takes advantage of every moment to study, so he has spent some of his vacation in Boston Massachusetts studying at the Berklee College of Music, one of the most representative artistic centers of contemporary music.
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Through the variety of his performances Alessandro transports the audience from romanticism to vibrate with the music of the moment and to feel the enjoyment of the show.

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